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Santa Decides to Travel in the Cyberspace

Now you can follow what goes on at the Santa Claus Office on the live stream broadcasted through the new web site of the Office.

There you can see the old white-beard and all the people from around the world who have traveled there to meet Santa.

You can also see Ferdie the Elf who hosts his own web show, a video blog, called “Santa’s Nap Time News” that he of course records during Santa’s daily nap.

Ferdie tells you about the life at the Arctic Circle and the visitors who he has met at the Santa Claus Office.

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He will also tell you the secret behind Santa’s schedule on Christmas Eve. This time of the year the beards of the little Elfs are steaming as they prepare for the Great Adventure of Christmas and fine tune the reindeers antlers for navigation on the Eve. Now it is possible to see this new world through internet.

The Santa Claus Office new web site is now open at

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