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Providing Digital Skills to Youth for Decent Jobs

Digital Skills for Decent Jobs for Youth Campaign

Digital Skills for Decent Jobs for Youth Campaign

ITU is leading the joint ITU-ILO “Digital Skills for Decent Jobs for Youth Campaign” to train 5 million young people globally with job-ready digital skills by 2030. The objective is to connect young women and men with the job opportunities offered by the digital economy.

The program will incentivize different stakeholders to invest in training youth with job-ready, transferable digital skills. These include basic, mid-level, advanced digital entrepreneurial and soft skills.

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The program will also enable teachers to provide young people with new skills by introducing computational thinking and coding into school curriculum and non-formal training programs.

Digital entrepreneurship will focus on digital skills required by entrepreneurs. It will cover topics such as online market research, strategic planning and business analysis, using financing and crowdfunding platforms, online marketing, online networking, and establishing mentoring relationships.

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