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Now You Too Can Create Mobile Apps, Easily

AppMachine Mobile App Building Platform

AppMachine Mobile App Building Platform

AppMachine allows non-technical app builders to deliver fully custom, native apps in hours and days rather than weeks and months. That’s what AppMachine claims.

The Pro version allows tech-savvy developers to import excel customer, employee and product lists, easily add public and private web services and bring their own JavaScript to the “Block” party.

Any app designer can now create their own custom blocks to re-use in future app projects.

AppMachine, a company that simplifies the way native mobile apps are created, released Saturday the Pro version of its platform.

“With our new Pro version, we’ve added power-user blocks that address the top half of the market. The original AppMachine addressed non-developers, with ease of use, elegance and simplicity. Now any app can be literally ‘snapped’ together – for small business or big enterprise usage,” said Siebrand Dijkstra, AppMachine CEO.

The AppMachine platform will now be divided into 3 versions – Basic, Plus and Pro. Basic will address entry-level users looking for quick distribution of HTML5 web apps.

The Plus version delivers both web and Native apps and adds additional Blocks to those in Basic.

Pro allows developers and ecosystem partners to extend the platform with new private or public encapsulated blocks. These blocks can then be optionally distributed in the upcoming AppMachine Block Store.

Photo courtesy: AppMachine

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