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Now, an Online Dating Network for Spiritual Singles

Social networks of different varieties keep appearing and disappearing like mushrooms. Many disappear even before you know about them. Here’s a new one.

Those who are interested in spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, self-improvement, and religions rarely find like-minded partners and often end up being lonely.

Now, they finally have a simple way to meet people who share their interests, declares a dedicated social network aimed to serve the needs of spiritual singles.

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Moreover, has launched its Internet marketplace, showcase and distribution service for independent feature, short films, videos and documentaries.

Producers, filmmakers, writers, actors, and artists can syndicate their content via an online shop to a world audience, retaining all rights, maximum profit and shared ad revenue. (Read: New Online Services for Aspiring Film Makers)

Meanwhile, a “virtual science playground,” the Mad Science Kids Club offers children a science-based platform for connecting, exploring and learning with peers online through science enrichment programs. (Read: Now a Science Social Network for Kids)

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EsoDates is a social network devoted to give a friendly environment for all people around the globe who are interested in sharing ideas on spirituality, mysticism, meditation, astral projection, dreams and religions. People of all faiths can join the site to meet new like-minded people and exchange ideas.

The website has been online since March 2012 and currently has close to 1000 members, it claims. By the end of the year, EsoDates expects to have 14000 members.

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The site offers different ways to communicate and share wisdom with each other. Its members share pictures, videos, write articles, contact other members, chat in real time and exchange ideas on the forum.

One of the features offered is a search engine that helps to find members who live in specific area and share specific spiritual interests. All members share their thoughts and ideas on the news feed.

It says not all members of EsoDates are religious. Many of them are more interested in self-discovery and practice than following any of the traditional religions. The members are passionate about a variety of spiritual paths, including yoga, energy healing, magic, mysticism, meditation, and many others.

Like most other social networks, EsoDates is free to use. It is claimed to be a non-profit project with an objective to connect like-minded people interested in spiritual growth.

Photo courtesy: EsoDates

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