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New Online Services for Aspiring Film Makers

As movie making and distribution processes are undergoing a metamorphosis, a number of tech platforms are emerging particularly for indie groups.

For example, announces the launch of its Internet marketplace, showcase and distribution service for independent feature, short films, videos and documentaries.

Producers, filmmakers, writers, actors, and artists can syndicate their content via an online shop to a world audience, retaining all rights, maximum profit and shared ad revenue.

The platform enables digital distribution, mobile streaming, along with collaboration, social media marketing, web film festival and blogging tools.

To bring transformation in the film distribution business, Go Social has announced the launch of its new Go Social Film Magazine (GSFM) iPad application. (Read: Film Distribution Goes Social with iPad Application)

Similarly, HollywoodIndy (or Hi, in short) is an entertainment-based Internet property specializing in social networking and resourcing for the independent film and television market. (Read: Hi, It’s a Social Network for the Hollywood)

Moreover, series creators are being invited to upload their proposals for comedy and children’s programming to Amazon Studios. The best comedy and children’s series will be distributed through Amazon Instant Video, Amazon’s digital video streaming service. (Read: Amazon to Develop Comedy and Children’s Series)

Photo courtesy: Independent Film Development Corporation

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