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MIT Technology Review Gets a New Look

MIT Technology Review debuts its new look, including completely redesigned website, magazine and logo.

The new layout presents editorial features, news analysis, business reports, photo essays, reviews, and interactive experiences, providing an enhanced experience for the reader, as well as new advertising opportunities.

It can be seen at and in the November/December issue which hits newsstands November 6.

The new logo, which brings “MIT” into the title of the publication, reinforces the 113-year relationship the company shares with the world’s top technology institution.

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MIT Technology Review is wholly owned by the Institute and inspired by the important breakthroughs it has created, yet its journalism is stated to be independent from the institution and is inclusive of the global technology community.

“We believe technology can change the world, playing a part in solving the big problems we currently face–disease, limited access to education, and the challenge of providing clean energy,” said Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review’s editor in chief and publisher.

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The new issue–with cover art featuring the Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin–poses the question, “Has our commitment to develop groundbreaking technologies to advance the human condition waned?”

In stories, infographics, and a photo essay, the issue introduces people who are plugging away at the greatest challenges and explains where breakthroughs might come soon.

MIT Technology Review leads the global conversation about innovative technologies. An independent global media company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the enterprise produces publications read by business leaders, innovators, thought leaders, and early adopters around the globe, in five languages and on a variety of digital and print platforms.

Photo courtesy: MIT Technology Review

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