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Making Cellular Calls from a Home Phone System

A new offer allows consumers the freedom of making and receiving cellular calls through a home phone system to help mitigate the problems of poor cellular call clarity and dropped calls typically associated with cellular phone use at home.

Advanced American Telephones (AAT), which manufactures AT&T-branded telephones under a license agreement with AT&T Intellectual Property, has announced the availability of its new AT&T-branded DECT 6.0 cordless phones, which feature Connect to Cell systems, multi-handset bundles and usability models.

The 2012 AT&T phone line provides advanced features that help enhance sound and ensure clear reception, such as HD Audio with equalizer to match hearing preferences, and the TL and CL product lines have a range of up to 1,800 feet, allowing users to have clear conversations over a greater distance.

“Each year, we strive to deliver more functionality, which is what consumers depend on in AT&T home phone products,” said Matt Ramage, senior vice president, product management, Advanced American Telephones. “Our 2012 line is attractively priced, while offering more features to provide great value to consumers.”

This virtual two-line phone system enables one person to make landline calls on one handset, while another person makes cellular calls on the other handset. Users also can download their cellphone directories (up to 6,000 entries) onto the home phone system and pair up to four different BLUETOOTH wireless technology-enabled cellphones with the TL96271 system.

The TL96271 also features more range and HD audio with an equalizer function that includes four preset audio profiles to better match the user’s preferences. For added convenience, the TL96271’s Caller ID Announce feature helps users easily screen calls without picking up the handset, and push-to-talk (PTT) allows instant communication throughout the home.

PTT enables instant voice delivery through the handset speakerphone for household and office announcements or for one-to-one conversations with someone in another room. The AT&T TL96271 cordless phone is available at and at major retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy and others.

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