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Livestream’s Ad-Free Live Streaming Service

Livestream, which offers live event coverage, has announced full access to its suite of live video and live blogging tools.

The suite includes encoding software for Mac and PC, ad-free event pages and mobile broadcasting to the web from the Livestream for Producers iPhone app (

Unlike other streaming platforms, is going ad-free and never imposes banner ads, pre-roll and mid-roll video that typically clutter and disrupt watching events on the web or via mobile devices, says the company.

“Building new Livestream from the ground up allowed us to think outside the box and provide free, ad-free, live streaming to anyone with a connection to the web,” said Max Haot, co-founder and CEO.

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The Livestream for Producers iPhone app features live video broadcasting to, the first free, ad-free event coverage platform.

The app allows users to share their events in real-time on while simultaneously posting text updates, photos and video clips.

The Livestream for Producers ( Android app is scheduled to release soon with full streaming capabilities.

With the new updates, users can share live video to an online audience for free from the palm of their hand. From a citizen journalist covering a rally or protest, to a mother sharing a wedding or birthday with family far away, to large conferences and music concerts, the power of Livestream is now at your fingertips, the company suggests.

Free broadcasting access is available from today, Sept. 18, at and offers unlimited streaming to the web with 30-days of event archiving with the Livestreaming community.

Additionally, Livestream offers an account upgrade for $45/month, which removes viewer login requirements and offers unlimited archiving of event pages.

Founded in 2007, Livestream is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles, London, Ukraine and India.

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