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Inviting Up-and-Coming Stars to RMN Stars

RMN Stars, which is a new online initiative of RMN Company, aims to highlight the achievements of those unsung heroes who do not get the professional and societal treatment they deserve.

These are the people whose contributions in the larger professional landscape go unnoticed and they disappear from the scene for want of a helping hand that could catapult them in the skies of success.

RMN Stars comes as a friend to all such pros who want to showcase their work to people who matter in their own field and to the people at large.

“The free service invites all of you to become a part of this global movement that will surely bring good to all of us and the society as a whole. We will together spearhead this campaign and tell the world out there that there is no dearth of talent around us,” said Rakesh Raman, CEO of RMN Company.

The service is available to all virtuosos who belong to the millennial generation or Gen Y and live in different parts of the world. You can be an actor or director, activist or artist, dietician or politician, teacher or preacher, or a category-defining star who doesn’t want to depend just on serendipity and would go out to let the world know your talent, your competence.

“This is the professional cohort we are going to create here. And we will march together in the toughest of the terrains to pull off success for us and everyone around us,” said Raman.

RMN Stars will feature the work of its friends in the form of photo exhibitions, video demos, audio files, or simply their faces. Plus, its online interface will present their work through their personal profiles, interview sessions with them, articles on them, and other engaging content formats.

You can contact us to get featured on RMN Stars and stay connected with the site at:

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