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IBM THINK Exhibit App for iPad and Android Tablets

The IBM THINK Exhibit app is an “innovation time machine” that shows how early tools have evolved into modern advances that create healthier populations, greener energy and safer, less congested cities.

Through interactive content, images and historical anecdotes, the app is filled with stories of progress, from space exploration to weather prediction and medical advances.

It documents the roots of Big Data, from early charts, clocks and scales to microscopes and telescopes, from RFID chips and biomedical sensors in clothing to breath-sensor diabetes detectors.

Other features include:

  • An interactive timeline that chronicles how the simple act of measurement has evolved since prehistoric times: measuring length in 2000 BC, time in 1657, the Earth’s rotation in 1851, and atoms in 1981. It traces the roots of modern technologies, from the abacus to the scanning tunneling microscope.
  • An explanation of how maps have been used to track data, from early geographical charts to data visualizations.
  • A section that chronicles how “models” have been used to understand the complex behaviors of our world – from the Wright Brothers’ plane prototype in 1903, to today’s airline mechanical parts simulations.
  • A 10-minute HD film edited from footage shot on location in China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and the U.S. with a new camera rig that captures imagery simultaneously on three video cameras.
  • Subtitles in 10 languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish).

“The IBM THINK Exhibit app is designed for the ‘forward thinker’ in all of us and compels people to think about what it takes to make the world work better,” said Lee Green, IBM’s VP of Brand Experience and Strategic Design.

Announced Thursday, July 26, the app is inspired by IBM’s 2011 THINK pop-up exhibit at New York’s Lincoln Center, a 7,500-square foot interactive experience developed for the company’s Centennial. Visitors were immersed in a film and interactive experience across 40 oversized digital screens.

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