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IBM Offers Watson IoT to Ensure Workers’ Safety

IBM Offers Watson IoT to Ensure Workers' Safety

IBM Offers Watson IoT to Ensure Workers’ Safety

Tech company IBM announced Wednesday (February 13) major collaborations with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji, and SmartCone to monitor worker safety in hazardous environments, including those working in construction, mining and factories, using IoT technologies, integrated into wearables.

IBM’s Maximo Worker Insights will monitor biometric and environmental data to help identify whether employees are experiencing dangers or risk. Data will be gathered in near real-time from wearables, smart devices, and environmental sensors to help organizations quickly respond to problems or react to changing environmental conditions.

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Employees working in rapidly changing environments face shifting conditions, whether on the factory floor, on the forklift, atop a cell tower or drilling into the earth. Utilizing IoT to understand what workers are doing in the context of the dynamic environment around them – including heat, height, weather and gas levels – allows organizations to implement near real-time and prescriptive safety practices to help protect the well-being of workers and which should help them maintain lower insurance costs.

For employees, this new offering monitors potential environmental threats to their safety and security as they work on the front lines. For employers, the solution is designed to help them identify and respond to potential hazards in an effort to keep their workforce safe.

Nonfatal workplace injuries account for close to $60 billion in workers’ compensation costs in the U.S. Although safety controls and personal protective equipment are mandatory in most hazardous jobs, this solution is designed to help companies to identify and respond to problems or react to changing environmental conditions.

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