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How to Stream Music and Games on Your TVs

People looking to stream video and music as well as play casual games on the television can soon choose from a range of devices that feature the Roku streaming platform.

Roku has announced that the Roku Streaming Stick – a tiny wireless streaming player the size of a USB flash drive – will be available in October for $99.99.

Customers plug the Roku Streaming Stick into Roku Ready devices to instantly access the Roku platform which features more than 600 channels.

The first Roku Ready devices hitting store shelves this holiday season are televisions from Apex Digital, Hitachi and Insignia, a Best Buy brand.

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“The Roku Streaming Stick extends our platform beyond the set-top box and into a range of consumer electronics devices. Manufacturers can now deliver a complete streaming experience without painstakingly building it themselves,” said Chas Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Roku platform OEM business at Roku.

The Roku Streaming Stick, when purchased separately and not bundled with a device, comes with a Roku enhanced remote which features volume buttons and motion control for game play.

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While the enhanced remote is needed for games that require motion control, consumers can alternatively use the television remote to control their Roku experience when the Roku Streaming Stick is paired with a Roku Ready TV.

The Roku Streaming Stick will be available for $99.99 from Roku and Amazon in October and from other retailers this fall.

Roku is a leading dedicated streaming platform for delivering video, music and casual games to the TV.

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