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How to Share TV Images on Facebook and Twitter

A TV app feature “FreezeFrame” allows users to instantly capture and share images from the shows they’re watching with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Users can share imagery of their favorite moments, actors, recipes, products and more, in real-time, while they watch.

New York-based startup Umami TV has unveiled major enhancements to its free companion TV app for the iPad that are designed to make the conversation around TV more visual, fun and accessible for TV viewers, the company said Friday, Feb. 24.

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In addition, Umami is announcing “Dishboard,” a new social TV dashboard that visualizes the conversation occurring around a TV show as it unfolds. Users can see how many people are talking about the show with real-time infographics.

The app also automatically identifies the most popular links and tweets that are trending around a show. With this release, Umami is also enabling users to share what they’re interacting with while they watch.

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Among other developments on the social TV front, ConnecTV, a social platform for TV fans, opens its doors to the public so viewers can get sports, news, drama and reality programming – live or time-shifted – in a companion viewing experience. ConnecTV is available now in the Apple App store.

Powered by proprietary content recognition technology, ConnecTV synchronizes its service to the national cable channels, regional sports networks and leading local broadcasters across America. (Read: Television Goes Social with ConnecTV Service)

Moreover, Samsung’s LED Smart TVs offer built-in Wi-Fi and a Twitter app. They can show what’s trending in real-time on Twitter. (Read: Samsung TVs in Hollywood’s Most Glamorous Night)

“TV is the ultimate lean-back, visual medium, and we’ve always felt social TV should mirror these characteristics,” explained Umami TV co-founder and CEO Scott Rosenberg. “With this update, we’re making the conversation around TV more visual, fun and relevant for viewers.”

Launched in November, Umami uses proprietary audio fingerprinting technology to sync continuously to live or time-shifted programming from all major broadcast and cable networks. It then provides rich, program-related content, conversation and more in a fun, living room-friendly experience, according to the company.

Photo courtesy: Umami

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