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How to Play Romance Games in Real Life

How to Play Romance Games in Real Life

How to Play Romance Games in Real Life

At Tokyo Game Show 2014, Voltage Inc. allows visitors to experience the theme of “Romance App Wonderland” and the world of romance apps.

It offers four game apps: “Enchanted in the Moonlight,” “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder,” and two games not yet released in English, “Roomshare Love Days” and “Gossip Girl.”

Attractive models dressed as game characters would allow visitors the opportunity to experience the heart-pounding feelings and exciting situations found in romance apps, such as the “kabe-don” pose against a wall.

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Special guests Junon Boys Tomohiro Ichikawa and Ryosuke Yamamoto and voice actor Kensho Ono would appear onstage (each guest on a different day) to recite the most attractive lines (as submitted by users).

The stage will also host giveaways of special limited Game Show merchandise. The Voltage booth will be a hub buzzing with the feminine excitement of love.

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In the test play area, visitors will be able to try out 11 games, including current hot topic “Our Two Bedroom Story” as advertised via TV commercial and Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.’s “To Love & Protect,” created by and for North American market.

Voltage Romance apps are available for smartphones. The apps allow users to choose the guy they like best and play through a love story with him. Over 60 titles are currently available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

Tokyo Game Show 2014 is taking place Sept. 18 – 21.

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