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How to Extend Battery Life of Your Smartphone

As short battery life and repeated charges are the major irritants in mobile phones, an Android app claims that it can extend battery life by nearly 64 percent.

Computer software and iPad apps developer Intercom, Inc. has released “MiracleBATTERY” for users of smartphones on the Android platform. Available for purchase from today, May 28, for $3.99, this maintenance app not only reduces battery consumption on Android devices, but also cleans unnecessary data and history.

“MiracleBATTERY Free” was simultaneously made available for a 30-day free trial. Compatibility with Kindle Fire is also planned for future release, says the company.

It is an app built with battery management features, made especially for users who want to extend their battery life. With these, all the settings affecting battery consumption, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, automatic synchronization, backlight, and screen brightness can be simultaneously switched into power saving mode with the push of one button.

You can also customize the settings to switch the power saving mode on or off according to certain time periods or days of the week.

The app is also equipped with ‘cleaner’ and ‘app management’ features. The ‘cleaner’ feature simultaneously cleans up superfluous task data from memory, call history, internet browsing history, and the like. The ‘app management’ feature displays a list of installed apps, and makes it possible to perform uninstalls all at once.

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