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How Technology Enables You to Create an Interactive Kitchen

Interactive Kitchen

Interactive Kitchen

Cloudproject Generation S.r.l., an Italian R&D company in embedded and user interaction technology, has signed an international agreement with a leading Italian brand, Elam Kitchen of the Tisettanta Group.

Cloudproject will be the exclusive supplier of technology for the development of smart furnishing complements and customised furnishings featuring touch technology and voice-activated controls for both the office and the home.

The agreement also entails the development of OEM partnerships for provision of technology and the use of patented items in furnishings.

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The products are available throughout the world. It is now possible to view a number of products at the Milan showroom. In the upcoming months, new showrooms will be inaugurated in New York, London, Dubai and in Turkey, allowing visitors to see technology as part of the furniture.

Interactive Kitchen

You can view the interactive kitchen presented in Milan during the Salone del Mobile.

It will be possible to interact with a mirror or a transparent pane of glass, but also with a snack table, the top of a desk, a coffee table, a picture on the wall… You can consult a weather report, get information on traffic, find recipes, surf the web, access thousands of apps and videogames, rent a film, read a magazine, enjoy a video chat, receive phone calls… all while seated comfortably on your sofa.

The system is completely customisable, both in the prized finishing materials and in dimensions, which may be standard when used as furnishing complements, or custom if the user needs to furnish a unique and elegant setting without having to compromise on technological features.

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