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How Mobile Is a Critical Entry Point for Digital Transformation

How Mobile Is a Critical Entry Point for Digital Transformation

How Mobile Is a Critical Entry Point for Digital Transformation

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced Thursday the next generation of IBM MobileFirst Foundation now available on the IBM Cloud to simplify and accelerate enterprise mobile application development.

Cloud adoption continues to be a top focus for enterprises. According to IBM, researcher IDC forecasts that cloud IT infrastructure spending will reach $57.8 billion by 2020 accounting for 47.9 percent of the total spending on enterprise IT infrastructure.

This move towards a cloud infrastructure requires a mobile application development platform uniquely designed to provide the essential backend services for cloud deployments while enabling enterprises to use the front-end tools of their choice to create powerful mobile experiences with greater speed, security and performance.

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“Demand for cloud continues to skyrocket and mobile applications are the driving force behind that demand within the enterprise,” said Michael Gilfix, Vice President of MobileFirst and Smarter Process, IBM.

“Uniquely designed for the cloud, the new IBM MobileFirst Foundation meets the need for speed and productivity in mobile application development without compromising security.”

IBM says mobile is a critical entry point for digital transformation. The company claims it has supported more than 5,000 clients from around the world in industries ranging from finance and retail to healthcare and telecommunications as they transform into mobile enterprises.

IBM’s 6,000 mobile experts have been at the forefront of mobile enterprise innovation. IBM has secured more than 4,300 patents in mobile, social and security, which have been incorporated into IBM MobileFirst solutions that enable enterprise clients to streamline and accelerate mobile adoption, help organizations engage more people and capture new markets.

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