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How Many Brochures Do You Want to Print?

Onlineprinters offers its brochure production service by printing brochures in small print runs using the “Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress” prototype from C.P. Bourg.

The Onlineprinters product development initiated the development of the prototype in cooperation with HP and C.P. Bourg, says the company.

Onlineprinters has accompanied the development of the new “Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress” for one and a half years now as a competence partner und supports the machine’s market launch with suggestions from its activities as an international print provider in Europe.

“Customers can now order brochures in ultra-low volumes from just one copy at advantageous prices,” says Heiko Wiederer, product developer of Onlineprinters GmbH.

In just one pass, according to the company, the press prints the desired quantity of brochures between 8 and 60 pages on coated art print paper, four colours on both sides (4/4) at high speed and reasonable prices.

This innovative technology is made possible by the latest print finishing solution, the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress, which is docked to an HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press to print and finish brochures in one pass in a matter of seconds.

German Onlineprinters GmbH is one of Europe’s leading online print shops.

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