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FBI Releases New Bank Robbers Mobile App

FBI Releases New Bank Robbers Mobile App

FBI Releases New Bank Robbers Mobile App

FBI launched Friday its mobile Bank Robbers application for iPhones (plus iPads and iPods) and Android smartphones.

The app aims to make it easier for the public—as well as financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and others—to view photos and information about bank robberies in different geographic areas of the country.

The app, which works with website, can be downloaded for free from Apple’s app store or Google Play.

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Using the app, bank robberies can be sorted by the date they occurred, the category they fall under (i.e., armed serial bank robber), the FBI field office working the case, or the state where the robbery occurred.

If the location services on your device are enabled, you can view a map that shows the relevant bank robberies that took place in your geographic area.

You also access surveillance photos, physical description information, robbery details, and the FBI’s wanted poster for each suspect. Users can also select push notifications to be informed when a bank robbery has taken place near their location.

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The app also provides quick access to a link directly to the FBI online tips page so users can contact it immediately if they have information on any of the robberies or suspects.

According to the FBI’s bank crime statistics for 2015, there were 4,091 robberies, burglaries, and larcenies committed under the federal bank robbery statute in a variety of financial institutions—including commercial banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and armored carrier companies.

Demand notes were a favorite tool used by bank robbers (2,416 times), but actual firearms were used 877 times, the threat of weapons was used 1,762 times, and explosive devices used or threatened occurred 108 times.

Photo courtesy: FBI

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