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How IBM Watson Plans to Empower Business Professionals

How IBM Plans to Transform Digital Marketing with Think Marketing

How IBM Plans to Transform Digital Marketing with Think Marketing

IBM unveiled Tuesday a series of new cognitive solutions intended for professionals in marketing, commerce, supply chain and human resources.

With these new offerings, IBM says it is enabling organizations across all industries and of all sizes to integrate new cognitive capabilities into their businesses.

Watson solutions learn in an expert way, which is critical for professionals that want to uncover insights hidden in their massive amounts of data to understand, reason and learn about their customers and important business processes, says the company.

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Helping professionals augment their existing knowledge and experience without needing to engage a data analyst empowers them to make more informed business decisions, spot opportunities and take action with confidence.

“IBM is bringing Watson cognitive capabilities to millions of professionals around the world, putting a trusted advisor and personal analyst at their fingertips,” said Harriet Green, general manager Watson IoT, Cognitive Engagement & Education.

“Similar to the value that Watson has brought to the world of healthcare, cognitive capabilities will be extended to professionals in new areas, helping them harness the value of the data being generated in their industries and use it in new ways.”

[ How IBM Plans to Transform Digital Marketing with Think Marketing ]

At the core of any flawless experience is information, including details on a customer’s past purchases to their style and delivery preferences. However, according to IBM, this insight cannot be isolated, it must be present from the first click all the way to product receipt and throughout the post purchase period.

IBM says its new cognitive solutions for marketers help practitioners identify and target the right audiences based on customer behaviors and quickly create the ideal combination of campaign assets to drive conversion and build brand loyalty.

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