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How an Augmented Reality Wall Keeps You Connected

This wall is different. It won’t stand between you and others. Rather, it will connect you with others. How? It allows users to view and “post” to virtual walls in places all around the world in the same way they do to a business or friend’s social network profile—providing a unique glimpse into a collection of content that was created by people who were actually there.

Wallit, a geo-social app connecting people to places through multi-media messages on augmented reality walls, today, March 16, announced version 1.1 featuring new “Super Walls” to link the marks of similar places from around the globe.

For example, it says, when waiting in the line for the new iPad today, Apple Fanatics in San Francisco can see what their counterparts in New York and in all other Apple Stores around the world are saying about the debut.

Or fans in stadiums can move the real-time “smack talk” to the virtual walls in arenas during the March Madness tournament. Fans need to be “there” to write on the March Madness walls.

Meanwhile, an outdoor digital Facebook billboard displayed ‘real-time’ content from a firm’s actual Facebook page. Buffalo-based accounting firm, Freed Maxick & Battaglia, CPAs, had launched a community-based initiative with its debut of an outdoor interactive digital Facebook billboard. (Read: When Facebook Comes on the Road, Really!)

And an interactive display for Discovery Channel featured new forms of digital technology that captured live street scenes decimated by virtual tornado.

Inwindow Outdoor, a company offering interactive storefront and mall advertising solutions, launched the “Urban Tornado” at two of its premiere Storescape locations in New York City to promote the Discovery Channel series “Storm Chasers.” (Read: Urban Tornado for Discovery’s Storm Chasers)

Wallit allows people to see who else is present, interact with one another and leave their mark at various settings—from sporting events to romantic hotspots, says the company.

“People have long sought to leave a part of themselves in a specific location, like signing a hotel guest book. Wallit is a perfect marriage of old meets new,” says Dr. Veysel Berk, founder and CEO of Wallit.

“Now with the ‘Super Walls,’ people sharing a similar experience in different locations can also unite and interact. This is the first of many exciting updates as we continue to improve the way people connect with places around the world.”

According to the company, the Wallit app is free and does not require the creation of an account or user ID.

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