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Hispanics Go Digital with the Next Online Boom

Businesses take notice; Hispanics are taking their $1 trillion buying power online. According to Boostability, an online marketing company based in American Fork, Utah, there are more than 30 million Hispanics actively online, and businesses across the country are now catering to this growing online segment.

The Internet has rapidly become an integral part of daily life. Hispanics are using the Internet to shop for large retail items, find local businesses and to look up entertainment information such as movies, concerts and places to eat.

Today, social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are the second and fourth most popular websites among Hispanics according to Captura Group, says Boostability.

A study by OTX, a global consumer research firm, found noteworthy facts about Hispanic Internet use. They found that 78 percent of Hispanics use the Internet as a primary source of information with 84 percent of Hispanics using search engines to find that information.

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They also found that 54 percent of these searches led to purchases online while 43 percent led to in-store purchases, says Boostability.

The data showed that the Hispanic market is more receptive to online advertising than non-Hispanics. Small businesses need to move beyond their perceived language barrier and commit to reaching this growing online market, Boostability suggests.

Many online marketing companies now cater their services to the Hispanic community. Meanwhile, our site RMN Digital has launched Tech-Wise Knowledge Center for SMBs to educate small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the world on the finer nuances of technology selection, adoption, and management.

Boostability president Rick Horsley had this to say about the rapid online growth in the Hispanic community: “We are finding that Hispanic small business owners are spending more of their marketing dollars on Internet search campaigns than any other source because of the tremendous results they are getting.”

Small businesses are the engine that drives the nation’s economy and Hispanics are starting more businesses and at a faster rate than any other demographic. According to SBA.GOV recent studies have revealed that Hispanic small business owners are creating jobs at 3 times the rate of their general market counterparts, said Boostability today, March 27.

Boostability provides search engine optimization (SEO), local search marketing and social media fulfilment services to agencies, media companies, and phone book providers.

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