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Have You Seen Computer in a Credit Card?

Computer in a Credit Card

Computer in a Credit Card

Technology is all set to replace traditional credit and debit cards, bringing more security, convenience, and control to consumers with existing point-of-sale equipment.

Dynamics, Inc. has brought to market a functional interactive payment card with a computer inside and buttons, displays and LED on its face.

You can participate in a hands-on demonstration of this new technology, which enables consumers to choose transaction options with the touch of a button as an alternative to traditional payment cards.

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This introduction enables issuers to provide consumers greater card functionality, including the ability to select applications that are stored directly on the card itself, with the assurance that the card is compatible with existing POS terminals.

Initial applications include:

Security: Consumers can “unlock” their account numbers for each purchase with unique codes, preventing use after theft

Convenience: Consumers can carry both debit and credit accounts on the same card

Control: Consumers can carry both loyalty and credit accounts on the same card and make purchases with either cash or loyalty rewards

Jeff Mullen, chief executive officer of Dynamics, will demonstrate the new technology at 2015 International CES on Tuesday, Jan. 6, and Wednesday, Jan. 7, during show hours.

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