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Fujitsu’s Smart Voice-Recognition Car Navigation Unit

Fujitsu Ten Limited, developer of the “Eclipse” car navigation brand, has developed a prototype model of the English version of the “Interactive Voice-Recognition Car Navigation Unit.”

It performs searches through connection with the center server by utilizing a specialized smartphone application (voice-recognition agent application).

Users can speak using normal natural language and search results are returned vocally, allowing the destination to be set in this manner with no other actions.

Users can add conditions while conversing with the unit, which understands the context and updates the search accordingly.

Since the information a user wants to know is narrowed down simply by vocal interaction, the need to move one’s line of sight to check the screen display is reduced, thereby contributing to safer driving.

Voice-Recognition Car Navigation Unit

Voice-Recognition Car Navigation Unit

This prototype will be displayed as a part of the Fujitsu Limited booth at the “The 2014 GSMA Mobile World Congress”, a mobile phone-related trade exhibition to be held from Feb. 24 (Mon.) to 27 (Thurs.), 2014, at Barcelona, Spain.

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