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Free Roaming App i-Mobb for World Travelers

With i-Mobb, a new app for world travelers, customers can access free roaming in foreign countries using their smartphones, tablets, and iPod Touch devices.

Available at, the app allows users to make and receive calls when in foreign countries as though they were at home, preventing roaming charges and allowing for streamlined communication across the world.

“Staying in touch with friends and business contacts while traveling is more important than ever in today’s world, but roaming charges and poor service can make communication difficult. With i-Mobb, users will be able to make and receive any calls using a Wi-Fi connection, thereby avoiding roaming charges completely,” said Bernard Drai, CEO of the free roaming app company.

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According to the company, the user-friendly app is simple and flexible, designed to give travelers the most intuitive experience and the greatest variety of options.

To use i-Mobb, world travelers can visit the app’s website and choose their home country. Eight countries are currently available, including U.S.A., Germany, France, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands.

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i-Mobb assigns each user a domestic phone number and provides unlimited calls back to the user’s home country. Clients of i-Mobb can also choose a phone number from the country they’re visiting or top-up traditional communication credit used to make international calls.

Once the user has specified the details of his or her own custom i-Mobb plan, the company sends an email containing the new local phone number, access to a local voicemail inbox, and download instructions for travel phones, tablets, and iPods.

The i-Mobb app allows customers to make and receive calls using a temporary phone number from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. As Wi-Fi is now commonplace in many popular travel destinations, i-Mobb can be used worldwide. Also, the app allows users to access and manage their contact lists or retrieve messages while abroad.

Photo courtesy: i-Mobb

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