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Free High Speed Wi-Fi Planned for Delhi Metro Passengers

Free High Speed Wi-Fi Planned for Delhi Metro Passengers

Free High Speed Wi-Fi Planned for Delhi Metro Passengers

Techno Sat Comm and PING Network – two of India’s leading multi-platform video networks – will roll out a platform to serve content to passengers and work with advertisers, keen to reach Delhi Metro’s 2.75 million passengers.

The free-to-consumer service will be launched in the second half of this year.

Delhi Metro passengers across the NCR region will thus be able to experience high speed broadband by just logging onto the internet via a dedicated app.

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This app will also intelligently display the location, approach and destination stations on a real-time basis and help navigate between different lines. This is in addition to the exclusive entertainment and city-based content that passengers can see on a real-time basis.

Techno Sat Comm, which already runs Wi-Fi on train service on the Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express, will use the “T-Track 2.0 Wave 2 Solution”, also used on superfast rail networks like the Thalys, SNCF and NTV in Europe to deliver high speed broadband internet experience.

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The WiFi service will ensure a 50 Mbps (3 times 4G) minimum speed to passengers’ devices while the maximum speed could potentially go upto 1.6 Gbps as per Wave 2 standards.

“We have adapted the technology to India keeping in mind adverse weather conditions including heat, dust, heavy rains, vibration of trains and large passenger loads,” said Nirav Dave of Techno Sat Comm.

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PING, whose network comprises channels like the India Food Network and BOOM, will be building the front-end customer interface as well as the content pipe.

Millions of passengers will be able to consume HD entertainment videos, information and news that is local, timely and relevant to Delhi Metro’s passengers, particularly during peak commuting hours when the need for information will be the highest.

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“The target segment we will reach through this platform is core to almost all major brands,” said Prashanto Das, co-founder, PING Network.

Delhi Metro Network is amongst the largest Metro Networks in the world with ridership touching 3.5 Millions in a day. With commissioning of new lines in 2016 which will also inter-connect existing lines, daily ridership is expected to jump dramatically.

Delhi Metro has now decided to enhance passenger experience by introducing free Wi-Fi and multimedia services for passengers.

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