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Fallingwater in 3D Film Released for No Glasses 3DTV

Fallingwater in 3D Film Released for No Glasses 3DTV

Rembrandt 3D Corp and 3D film producer Ken Love, announced today the completion of their exhibition of 3D joint film effort, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater in 3D.”

It was displayed on the Rembrandt 3D No Glasses TV, at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, in Greensburg Pa.

The five-minute Ken Love 3D film featuring the Frank Lloyd Wright House, Fallingwater, was displayed at the Westmoreland Museum daily from April to June.

Stephen Blumenthal, Rembrandt 3D CEO noted that viewers were particularly impressed with the ‘truth’ of the AS3D architectural perspectives and for its 3D realism.

Ken Love noted that the Westmoreland Museum is virtually in Fallingwater’s backyard, and that seeing Fallingwater in 3D brought the house to a wider audience, exciting interest in a local phenomenon of global significance.

Rembrandt 3D is an Ithaca New York-based Auto Stereoscopic 3D TV (AS3D) corporation which has developed 3DTV, proprietary imaging solutions for No Glasses AS3D Hardware and for 3D content.

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