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Engineers Join Camping Program to Make Driverless Cars in China

Engineers are working in the 'Move it' collaboration camp

Engineers are working in the ‘Move it’ collaboration camp

About 30 global autonomous driving engineers and 10 mentors from 12 countries gathered in southwest China’s Guiyang City to join an open collaboration camping program which kicked off on March 9.

The “Move it Hackthon” program will see two autonomous vehicles made and tested on roads within five days, according to the Publicity Department of the CPC Guiyang Committee.

An open smart factory named Czone and one global collaboration platform were also launched by “Move it”. The first “Move it” global autonomous driving challenge was open for registration.

“Move it” is a global open-source community on autonomous driving dedicated to the development, manufacturing and promotion of latest automobile technologies.

The “Move it Hackathon” is the community’s first offline activity, aiming to address common challenges facing autonomous driving by cooperation. The solutions will be shared to reduce innovation and application thresholds of driverless cars and expand the technology’s use.

The engineers and mentors who participate in this collaborative camp all come from first-class self-driving enterprises and universities.

The activities covered wire control technology transformation, algorithm debugging, automatic driving sample car installation and commissioning, mentor sharing and so on.

The engineers will implement the line-controlled vehicle technology on the spot and create the basic chassis of the line-controlled vehicle.

The automatic driving system will be installed and debugged on a full-size car to achieve tracking and obstacle avoidance based on differential GPS or laser radar as well as traffic control personnel gesture recognition and control.

The last phase will be installing and debugging the self-driving cars and then set for group competition.

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