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Dell Technology for Animation Studio Blue Zoo

Tech company Dell has announced that London-based animation production company Blue Zoo has implemented Dell infrastructure.

This is to support development of children’s book Q Pootle 5 into an animated TV series to be broadcast internationally, as well as enable the studio’s expansion into film.

With an animation portfolio including Tree Fu Tom for the BBC and Olive the Ostrich for Nickelodeon, Blue Zoo has experience working with some of Europe’s largest broadcasters, says Dell.

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However, upon winning the Q Pootle 5 contract for Snapper Films, Blue Zoo needed to increase its render farm architecture and workstation capacity.

Blue Zoo turned to Dell to deliver technology infrastructure. The solution included workstations to be used by animators as well as servers to drive the software. Dell made this announcement Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Photo courtesy: Snapper Productions (C) Q Pootle 5 Ltd. / Dell

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