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Bigpoint Free-To-Play Games for Conduit

Online games company Bigpoint and Conduit, which provides engagement solutions to web and mobile publishers, have announced the availability of Bigpoint’s free-to-play titles in the Conduit App Marketplace.

Bigpoint’s Dark Orbit and Farmerama are now accessible to gamers directly from their browsers, keeping them engaged with these titles no matter where they are on the web. It was announced Thursday, March 1.

Fans of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) can immerse themselves in Bigpoint’s space combat game, Dark Orbit, where players join a space fleet and engage in intergalactic pursuits.

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Casual and social game enthusiasts will enjoy Farmerama, where players build and manage their own farming business. In addition, a customized Farmerama toolbar powered by Conduit is available for download. The toolbar allows players to login and receive personal scores, coin and XP totals, news, and game notifications.

“Our web apps and Community Toolbar provide complete functionality for a more personalized user gaming experience,” said Adam Boyden, president of Conduit. “We’re thrilled to be extending our partnership with Bigpoint, and continuing to support top developers in expanding their reach in new markets.”

Bigpoint leverages a vast distribution network of partners to bring its games to players worldwide. In addition to its own game portal, Bigpoint counts well over 1,000 distribution partners who publish the company’s games in over 180 countries, the company claims.

The Bigpoint browser apps and Community Toolbar are available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Photo courtesy: Bigpoint

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