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DeepRoute Raises $50M Round of Funding



DeepRoute, an L4 full stack self-driving system provider, has raised about $50 million in a fresh round of funding led by Foshun RZ Capital, jointly by other investment organizations including GoldenSand Capital, Yunqi Partners, Ventech China, and Green Pine Capital Partners.

The autonomous driving industry has shifted down recently. Chinese investors seek for a solid business plan that could be landed rapidly. Even during financial crisis, it was proven that DeepRoute has accomplished its commercialization by getting a huge funding from investors.

DeepRoute is a full-stack solution provider focusing on L4 autonomous driving with a global presence. Its research centers are located in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Silicon Valley.

The company will support vehicle platooning technology to leading OEMs, and also provide self-driving robo-taxi service during exhibition events.

In self-driving algorithm, DeepRoute developed the early sensor fusion perception technology known as Early fusion. After the synchronization of time and location, the original data is fused.

The output and correlation information between sensors is then integrated, which can stabilize the surrounding dynamic and static objects. DeepRoute’s planning algorithm plans the most feasible and safest route according to the semantic maps and random scenarios.

The planning algorithm is also able to plan the time to turn, select the lane, make decision at crossroads, and achieve other driving behaviors efficiently. Based on deep learning, the control algorithm combines the advantages of traditional control algorithm, and resolves the control problems under complex and even extreme scenarios.

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