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Cricket Offers Back-To-School Mobile Phone Pact

Cricket Communications today introduces its Back-to-School Mobile Pact for students.

It is an agreement parents can share with their kids that outlines etiquette and behavior guidelines that parents can expect from any student with a wireless device.

Through guidelines such as avoiding distracted driving, putting the phone away during class time, and not sending mean spirited messages to fellow students, among others, Cricket hopes to help parents remind their children that owning a mobile phone is a privilege, and responsible use is essential.

Parents can download one or more of Cricket’s two Back-to-School Mobile Pacts (one for high school age children, and one for the younger set).

Cricket sells prepaid wireless services with no long-term contracts. It offers nationwide (U.S.) wireless voice and mobile data services over 4G LTE and 3G CDMA wireless networks.

Photo courtesy: Cricket Communications

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