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Cloud Union Offers Cloud Gaming Platform

China-based Cloud Union (CU) is offering its cloud gaming platform for digital gaming aficionados. Cloud gaming platform provides a new form of “download-free” and “install-free” game services via cloud computing technologies, which enables users to easily play high-end 3D video games, such as Crysis 2 or Need for Speed 14, on any of their personal electronic devices.

Because a game’s graphics are computed on cloud, cloud game service can go beyond a player’s hardware limits for a better and more enjoyable gaming experience, says the company. Cloud Union has exhibited cloud gaming products running on note-PC, set-box, flash webpage version and iPhone app as game controller.

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“Most of the electronic devices, as long as they can connect to a network and decode video stream, will be able to enjoy cloud game services. In theory, any game can be streamed to any device using CU’s technology, such as a notebook, TV, normal set-box, etc. We even connected PS3 with our cloud, so if Sony agrees, you can play PS3 on any smartphone and smart TV in China,” said Danny Deng, the CEO of Cloud Union.

The company says unlike its competitors in the US, CU is dealing with a totally different market: huge, high potential, but also very challenging. The box game market, it says, has been ruined by piracy issues for a long period.

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Since China’s government is calling for a new round of broadband bandwidth upgrading and cost reduction, China’s network operators need to find new killer applications to attract users to upgrade bandwidth and pay more money on their service.

Cloud Union has launched its services not only on PC, but also on TV platform. “We have made great progress with WASU Digital, which is one of the biggest IPTV operators in China, to enable every user to play cloud games in WASU’s network,” Danny said.

“Compared to the US, China is very different when it comes to the internet as well as TV industry. We are already standing at a competitive position in the Chinese market, which the potential competitors, such as Onlive and Gaikai, may not rival easily.”

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The iPhone and iPad has ended several companies’ ambitions on the smartphone and pad market. China’s TV manufactures are also taking Apple TV as a strong competitor in the future. They are trying to integrate more content, and cloud games seems to be a very suitable choice, believes the company.

It says CU has entered this area and prepared for years while it has ported its system to many smart TV and set-box, such as TCL, Lenovo, and Haier.

Cloud Union started R&D on cloud gaming technology in 2008. It is headquartered in Beijing, China, and currently has 70 employees. Its investors include Soft Bank, Intel Capital, and other strategic investors. CU has just announced that it has closed B Round, including which the total fund rising has reached over 10 million USD.

Photo courtesy: Cloud Union

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