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Button Messaging Simplifies Mobile Messaging

By Tom Ojala

Tom Ojala

Tom Ojala

Instant Messaging has become the fastest-growing trend, which is driving mobile app downloads to numbers never seen before. New types of messaging apps have recently started to populate top ranks in leading app stores from Apple and Google.

The paradigm shift takes place as users are requiring more interactive, easy to use and instant messaging services to replace traditional text messaging and email for their daily communications. Messenger apps are social by nature, contain graphical elements, and are extremely intuitive and fast to use.

The changes in user messaging behavior open opportunities for new innovative messaging concepts. Button Messaging is a new revolutionary type of mobile messaging concept that takes an even simpler approach to turn normal SMS text messages into large clickable and customizable messaging buttons.

Button Messaging is targeted and optimal for specific user segments and use cases. Button Messengers are mobile apps, available for download at app stores, which introduce large clickable buttons to send fast and customized messages to preset audiences in just one click.

Button Messengers Introduce Large Clickable Buttons to Send Quick Messages

Tap a button on your phone screen to send a quick message. That’s how Button Messenger apps work.

Button Messenger apps introduce a variety of configurable messaging buttons that are easy to click to send quick messages to preset audiences.

Button Messaging

Button Messaging

Messaging Buttons are Smart

Each messaging button is customizable and contains intelligence inside. Messaging buttons can be customized to choose a receiver, set the message content and value adding functionalities such as the sender’s location information and advanced timers.

Buttons for Every Purpose

Button Messaging is optimal for messaging that is used often between certain people, or in certain situations.

Users can, for instance, dedicate a “love message” button to post a message to a beloved one with just a click.

Alternatively, a kid can click a dedicated button to message mom “Trouble, please call”, or a business person can post a fast message “I am late” while stuck in a traffic jam. A traveler can tap a button to send a message home “I am Ok!”

Including location information into the message helps in situations where help is needed fast. For instance, a diabetic from the USA had an emergency situation, where she needed help fast.

She found Button Messenger app a life-saver. She was able to message her daughter to get help with just a click of a large messaging button, where her daughter’s contact details were preset as the receiver of the message.

These are just a few examples, where Button Messaging comes handy and even becomes crucial, in emergency situations. Initially, Button Messaging was designed for kids, travelers and elderly people, but there are no limits for how broad button messaging can be used in any type of situation.

The Button Messaging concept is completely new, and Button Messenger apps have recently been introduced in the market. To learn more of the new messaging concept, you can go to

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This article is written exclusively for the RMN Digital site by Tom Ojala (pictured above). He is the CEO and founder of Joikusoft and Asio-Systems. Moreover, Tom is strategic advisor and partner in multiple software startups such as Asio-Data, Fjuul, Presefy, NearMe, JoikuSpeed, and Symmetria Software. Earlier, he was director – Marketing for Nokia USA.

This article is published under the RMN Digital’s “Thought Leadersseries in which top tech market leaders of the world express their views on different burning issues and market trends.

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