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Axis Bank’s Free Wi-Fi Service… and Health Hazards of Wi-Fi


Axis Bank has decided to blindly follow the Digital India thing of Narendra Modi, a Prime Minister who is clueless about technology.

By Rakesh Raman

Axis Bank, a private sector bank in India announced Monday the launch of free Wi-Fi service across its 128 branches. The bank plans to extend the service to over 1000 branches.

According to Axis Bank, with the launch of Wi-Fi service, the bank is embracing Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India.

“We are delighted to embrace our PM’s vision of Digital India, by offering free Wi-Fi service at our branches,” said Rajiv Anand, group executive & head – Retail Banking, Axis Bank.

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While Wi-Fi networks are being blindly deployed by digitally challenged nations, scientists have been repeatedly warning about the health hazards of these wireless networks and electromagnetic radiation they produce.

Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, researchers have carried out numerous studies which suggest that Wi-Fi can adversely affect a person’s health and particularly the brain health.

According to Global Healing Center, in 2008 the well-renowned publication Scientific American ran a piece called “Mind Control by Cell Phone” which explained the danger Wi-Fi has on the human brain.

In its article, Global Healing Center counts 10 health risks of Wi-Fi. These include insomnia, brain damage, sperm neutralization, impact on female fertility, cardiac stress, cancer, and so on.

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“People are facing a host of illnesses ranging from brain tumors and leukemia to poor memory and concentration as they become increasingly engulfed by an “electrosmog” as Wi-Fi networks expand globally,” scientists in Scandinavia have warned.

But ignoring all those warnings, Axis Bank has decided to blindly follow the Digital India thing of Narendra Modi, a Prime Minister who is clueless about technology.

The Axis Bank Wi-Fi service is available to all its customers at the bank branch, through a simple authentication process.

All they need to do is to authenticate themselves on Wi-Fi either through their registered mobile number, customer id or debit card number and using their date of birth as password.

With its free Wi-Fi bait, Axis Bank may succeed in generating more business for the bank. But with this service, the bank will drag its own customers to a veritable pothole of health risks that come with Wi-Fi.

Say “No” to Wi-Fi.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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