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Ask Tabi How and Where to Keep Your Tablet

Australian startup Tabi announced Tuesday the availability of the Tabi Stand.

It provides instant support, at the angle you want. Very light but strong, there are no metal parts that might scratch your device.

A unique slider lets you reach behind your screen with both thumbs and adjust your angle. Clever geometry keeps Tabi stable on hard surfaces like your desk and on soft surfaces like your bed.

All contact points have been rubberized with the highest quality double injection molding. Tabi is available for $24.95 from All shipping options have been discounted by $10 for Christmas. Free shipping to many destinations, says the company.

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Tabi fits a wide range of devices including the iPad, the iPad mini, the Kindle Paperwhite and many similar tablets, phones and readers. It accommodates most cases and combines well with thin folio covers.



“We realized the important thing about a stand is not how it supports your device but how comfortable it is to move from one environment to the next,” says Tabi founder, David Bolliger.

“When you stand up from the sofa and walk to the kitchen, your fingers hold the Tabi in place. This means your tablet is already in the stand when you set it down. You can lift your tablet out of the stand at anytime.”

For those who like to read or browse in front of the TV, try a soft cushion on your lap with Tabi on top. The stand nestles into the cushion, holding the weight of your tablet so your hands can rest.

This arrangement is also good for typing because the cushion supports your wrists. When you need to stand up, you clasp the tablet and stand with one hand, ready to set down again in your new location.

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