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Archos GamePad Tablet for Android Gaming

Consumer electronics company Archos has announced its new gaming tablet, GamePad.

It combines gaming controls with Android for a full tablet and gaming experience. Gamers will not only have access to all their favorite games, they will also have access to email, Internet, apps and more through one device.

The GamePad features a 7-inch, capacitive screen, physical control buttons and analog sticks. The tablet has full access to Google Play for games, runs a dual-core processor @ 1.5 GHz combined with a Mali 400mp quad-core GPU.

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In addition, the GamePad includes automatic game recognition and mapping tools – patented technology to ensure control compatibility with every advanced Android game.

Until now, tablets provided gamers with touch controls that lacked response and compatibility for their advanced games, providing a disappointing gaming experience, says the company.

Thanks to the complete touch and physical controls of the Archos GamePad, gamers can enhance their experience starting at the end of October 2012 for less than 150€, the company informs.

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“When Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, was first released they included game controller support within the framework and that is when we decided to build the GamePad,” says Henri Crohas, Archos founder and CEO.

Over the past six months, Archos has been discussing the GamePad with leading Android game developers around the world to make their games compatible with the GamePad’s physical controls.

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