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App Turns Facebook Likes into Corporate Donations

App Turns Facebook Likes into Corporate Donations

App Turns Facebook Likes into Corporate Donations

Pixhug is a new App that promises to give everyone the power to make a difference simply by sharing and liking photos, and brings visibility to corporate donations.

The platform unites people with causes and the companies that support them. Every photo posted on Pixhug or Facebook with the Pixhug App supports a humanitarian campaign and every like turns into a 10-cent donation from a corporate sponsor.

“Pixhug started with a very simple question: Can social media have a social purpose?” said Pixhug founder, Mido DeSanti.

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Pixhug turns “slacktivism” into activism by giving photos and likes meaning, and turns social media users into philanthropists, says the company.

“Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to do good, and turn social media into a socially responsible place that makes every social networker a philanthropist contributing to global good,” said co-founder, Mia Rajkovic.

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According to the company, the platform is a win-win-win for all parties involved – charities raise funds for their causes, users help causes they care about without donating money, and sponsors get visibility for their social impact.

Companies in North America donate more than $20 billion to causes each year, often with limited visibility or feedback, and spend billions of dollars advertising to consumers. By using Pixhug, brands showcase their social impact while reaching a consumer on a personal level.

Pixhug is a Vancouver-based company with an office in Los Angeles. The iOS app is available on the App Store.

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