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Apester Launches Story Suite for Online Publishers

Apester Story Suite for Online Publishers

Apester Story Suite for Online Publishers

Apester, an interactive storytelling platform, launched Friday a suite of story features that grants online publishers and businesses new engagement experiences inspired by social networks.

With the new Story suite, online brands are now able to produce Instagram-like stories and seamlessly blend them into their sites without any need for a designer.

Brands can distribute their stories across their online properties with the Story Strip, a carousel of your site’s live Stories, located at the top of an article or a section page.

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The Story Suite’s new export feature also makes the stories easily exportable to social accounts, such as Instagram or Snapchat. By offering innovative Story creation, distribution, and monetization solutions, Apester provides online publishers and enterprises with the layers they lack in order to reclaim their audience on social networks.

Apester Story is claimed to be the first story format that is open for everyone regardless of platform. It allows content creators to seamlessly embed stories on their web pages, export them to Instagram and Snapchat, and monetize the stories.

Apester is a platform for creation, distribution, and monetization of mobile-friendly, visual, interactive, and data-driven content, which improves commercial and editorial KPIs. It is a plug-and-play platform.

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