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Vizible Helps You Get Local Twitter Photos

Vizible is the nearby photo app for Twitter (Twitter photos), the latest creation from AJP Apps.

It offers a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your vicinity, and places Twitter photos at the forefront of your local landscape.

By visually inverting tweets, Vizible allows you to easily browse and interact with the photos shared in your area. Multiple radius selections, ranging from just around the corner to miles away, enhance the app’s dynamic local experience.

Vizible also makes it simple to share your own perspective, with features available to tweet photos and share your location.

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Co-Founder, Chauncey Regan says, “Unlike other nearby apps that track the whereabouts of friends and strangers, Vizible bridges the gap between our curiosity and our desire to maintain privacy.”

Twitter Photos

By indicating only the general region in which a photo was shared, versus the precise location of an individual on a map, users can comfortably browse and share content.

With recent events like Hurricane Sandy, the Olympics, and SXSW, Twitter has rapidly emerged as the ultimate resource for real-time news coverage. Vizible’s local focus captures a glimpse of events and people wherever we are.

Ms. Regan states, “Vizible is an incredibly effective way to discover your neighborhood or entire city.  Whether you’re interested in local events, news, or people, there’s always something of interest going on nearby.”

AJP Apps has been developing iPhone and iPad apps since 2011, including Twizgrid, a full featured photo app for Twitter and companion app to Vizible.

Vizible is available for free on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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