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Samsung Presents Online Video Series SOS Island

Samsung Electronics today announced the ‘SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest’ campaign, an interactive live-stream reality series.

TV star and survival expert Les Stroud will train 16 global contestants for their best hope at surviving the competition at the center of the online video series.

It will be shot and live-streamed from the remote “SOS Island” in the Caribbean. Viewers will vote for a winner from the comfort of their PCs and smartphones. The last remaining contestant wins the grand prize: their own island.

“This will be a really big adventure for the contestants and the online fans,” Les Stroud said. “Samsung combines cutting edge media trends and platforms with a subject I am most passionate about — survival. Samsung is paving the way for how brands produce and share content that reach audiences across the globe.”

The contestants will face rigorous challenges on SOS Island demonstrating the photographic capabilities of Samsung’s GALAXY S4 zoom smartphone and GALAXY NX camera.

They will share the images direct from their devices to the Samsung Camera Facebook page while trying to outsmart the competition, win the most votes and be crowned ‘The Smartest’ later this year.

‘SOS Island’ will broadcast on YouTube and Facebook from September 30th to November 31st, 2013. Audience members can vote for their favorite contestants via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The ultimate winner will be announced December 9th and be awarded the opportunity to win their own private island experience, a package worth $100,000 U.S. Dollars.

Global casting for SOS Island will run from today, August 5th, to September 2nd and be led by casting director Vinnie Potestivo and Samsung.

For more information on “SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest” campaign and how to apply, you can visit

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