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Online Retailer Reveals Ugly Holiday Sweaters

With 5 new styles of Ugly Holiday Sweaters, online retailer created a line of tacky, tasteless, but above all, hilarious sweaters to wear to any Christmas party or festive event this Holiday season.

The holidays are all about parties, and no holiday party is complete without ugly holiday sweaters, it says.

Whether it’s an actual ugly sweater party, or just an event that needs a little holiday cheer, these totally outrageous knit sweaters are the perfect cure for the common holiday outfit.

They’re crude, tacky, distasteful, and above all else, funny – but then again, politically incorrect is always in style at

Here’s the 2013 Ugly Holiday Sweater Collection:

The “Toilet Santa” Sweater – Even Jolly Old St. Nick has to relieve himself sometimes! This sweater is sure to “crack” up anyone who is need of a little extra holiday cheer.

The “Granny Got It” Sweater – Relive the magic of the classic Christmas jingle ‘Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer’ in this hilarious jumper. This holiday sweater will definitely turn a few heads and maybe break a few hips!

The “Pole Dancing Elves” Sweater – Where do Santa’s elves go to unwind after a hard day’s work in the workshop? The “South Pole”! This sweater showcases those fine lady elves working the poles and proving that naughty can be nice.

The “Lazer Cat-zilla” Sweater – What’s not to love about cats shooting lasers out of their eyes, ready to warm your heart and anything else that crosses their path of destruction!

The “Pooping Moose” Sweater – This sweater combines all the class and elegance of a classic Christmas sweater with all the crudeness of a trailer park jamboree, as reindeer answer nature’s call.

All of these hilarious holiday sweaters can be purchased at

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