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My L’Oreal Colorist Mobile App for Women

L’Oreal Paris announced Monday the launch of “My L’Oreal Colorist,” a mobile app that serves as a personal color consultant.

The company suggests now women can finally skip the salon while still experiencing professionally inspired hair color results at home with one app download.

Available for free download at the Mac Apple Store, “My L’Oreal Colorist” initially prompts users to either “Scan a Shade” or “Find a Shade.”

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The first option allows shoppers to use their mobile device to scan the UPC barcode of the L’Oreal Paris hair color product/shade* they are interested in, while “Find a Shade” allows both at-home and on-the-go users to dive into a short questionnaire before learning their shade recommendation.

Whether in the hair color aisle or elsewhere, all app users are directed to answer key questions that any top hair colorist would pose. Designed with true-to-tone hair color visuals for easy navigation, this app even invites users to share if they are looking for a permanent or non-permanent color, which tone of hair color they are hoping to achieve and their preferred hair color form (creme, gel or foam).

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The app not only helps women identify their ideal hair color shade, but also allows user to consult consumer ratings, reviews and more details on a range of L’Oreal Paris’ hair color product lines.

Users also have the ability to share their recommended shade on Facebook to get feedback from friends before making their purchase.

“My L’Oreal Colorist” is now available for download, free-of-charge, at for iPhone users.

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