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Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park Videogame

Hot on the heels of the debut game Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo comes the new videogame from Mind Candy, Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park, available on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS.

Available at major retail stores beginning October 30, 2012, the all-new game is now available for pre-order at

The game takes fans on an exciting journey into a new Moshi universe. It invites players to explore wondrous locations as they work to rebuild the Moshlings Theme Park.

Fans can uncover secret codes online at which will unlock special areas and content on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS systems. By achieving high scores in the DS game kids can also unlock exclusive content online at

Users of the Nintendo 3DS can interact with other Nintendo 3DS players via the StreetPass feature and play cool games to bring the Moshlings to life in a whole new dimension. Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park marks the first time fans can interact with the characters via 3D technology.

The game also introduces fans, for the very first time, to “Furnando”, a brand-new Moshling character.  He is just one of 60 Moshling characters that take part in this thrilling journey to get the theme park back on track!

In addition, every new Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS game comes with a free week-long membership to and a redeemable code so users also can interact with their new Moshling on the Moshi website.

Moshi Monsters is an interactive social online world for kids aged 6-12 years. It provides children with a new form of entertainment, combining adoptable virtual pet monsters with social online gameplay.

The game will hit shelves nationwide in the US on October 30th 2012 (Price: DS $24.99, 3DS $29.99).

Mind Candy, creator of the Moshi Monsters franchise, is a global entertainment company based in the UK with offices in Los Angeles and New York. The company was formed by Internet entrepreneur, Michael Acton Smith, in 2004.

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