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Mom Bloggers for Red Carpet Premiere of “Mighty Fine”

As bloggers are coming in the center stage of brand promotion campaigns, Adopt Films announced, in conjunction with Mom Central Consulting, that over 100 Mom Bloggers, each with a following of thousands of readers, were given access to an exclusive online premiere of the movie, “Mighty Fine.”

This independent film, directed and written by Debbie Goodstein, stars Chazz Palminteri and Andie MacDowell. “Mighty Fine” will open in theaters on May 25.

Two separate online previews, hosted by Constellation’s online social events platform at; were planned at 7pm and 10pm EDT, May 3, so that bloggers from both the East and West coast can preview this film at their convenience.

After each of the screenings, bloggers had the opportunity to video chat with the cast of “Mighty Fine,” including Chazz Palminteri, Rainey Qualley and Jodelle Ferland as well as creator, Debbie Goodstein.

A recent study showed that Mom Bloggers are much more politically involved and socially mindful than their non-blogging counterparts. It says their social and political influence reach far beyond the confines of the playground. (Read: How Mom Bloggers Influence Politics and Society)

In today’s new-media world, where traditional media is already losing its sheen, companies are increasingly inviting bloggers to convey their brand messages. (Read: Blogosphere: Where Bloggers Promote Your Brands)

Debbie Goodstein, writer and director of “Mighty Fine,” said, “The response from the bloggers has been tremendous. I look forward to hearing their views on this semi-autobiographical film, on the conspiracy of silence that surrounds emotional abuse, and to exposing the topic to this extensive audience.”

A family drama about a father’s love for his wife and daughters, and their vulnerability in the face of his unpredictable and explosive rage.  “Mighty Fine,” premiering in select cities May 25, strikes a chord among those who’ve experienced the often incomprehensible behavior of an abusive parent.

Adopt Films is a new independent distribution company formed by October Films co-founder, Jeff Lipsky, and former exhibitor Tim Grady. Based in New York, this company was founded in 2011 and is expanding with its growing number of independent films.

Constellation partners with film distributors, studios, and media partners to showcase film and entertainment content to audiences online.

Photo courtesy: Adopt Films, Mighty Fine

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