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Metaverse Development and Its Applications Explained: VIDEO

Metaverse Development and Its Applications Explained

Metaverse Development and Its Applications Explained

Metaverse Development and Its Applications Explained: VIDEO

Come, let us understand the concept of Metaverse.

The word Metaverse is the portmanteau of Meta and Universe.

In other words, Metaverse helps you build a cyberspace beyond the ordinary universe.

Simply put, a Metaverse allows you to create your presence in a virtual world which exists on the web driven by emerging technologies.

The underlying technologies used for the creation of a Metaverse include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things.

Now, the virtual world or artificial world phenomenon that was introduced about two decades ago is getting metamorphosed into the new-generation Metaverse.

It blends physical and digital experiences to create immersive locales for the Metaverse communities.

As the Metaverse development is still in its infancy, there are hardly any reliable platforms that allow you to create your presence on a functional Metaverse.

However, tech analysts believe that the Metaverse technology will eventually provide opportunities to multiple industries and users.

With the development of the Metaverse concept, the realm of its applications is expected to expand.

After the initial hiccups, businesses of all types can move their operations from the traditional web to the Metaverse.

The applications that would leverage the Metaverse technology include online learning, e-commerce, telemedicine, travel, collaborative manufacturing, entertainment, and law enforcement. 

It is also believed that the Metaverse will herald a major shift in the social media business as users will operate in a three-dimensional virtual world that mimics the real world.

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This video story has been scripted and produced by Rakesh Raman who is a technology journalist.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned.


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