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Kirobo and Mirata Robots Can Talk to You from Space

Leading brand agency Dentsu announced Wednesday the selection of the names “Kirobo” and “Mirata” for the two humanoid communication robots being developed under the Kibo Robot Project.

It is a joint research project being carried out in collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo; Robo Garage Co., Ltd.; and Toyota Motor Corporation.

Visitors to the Kibo Robot website ( were asked to submit two names each, and a total of 2,452 names were received.

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Kirobo and Mirata Robots

Together, the two names Kirobo and Mirata represent hope for the future. Kirobo will be sent to the International Space Station in June, while Mirata will stay on Earth.

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The Kibo Robo Project members are currently conducting all the reviews and experiments needed to launch a robot into space, and final completion is scheduled for this spring.

Kirobo will be sent to the International Space Station this summer, and in the winter will come face-to-face with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Koichi Wakata, the first Japanese commander of the International Space Station.

They will then take part in the world’s first conversation experiment held between a person and a robot in outer space. In addition to acting as a backup for Kirobo, Mirata will participate in educational activities and events that target children here on Earth.

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