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Information Society Day to Focus on ICT for Social Impact

Information Society Day to Focus on ICT for Social Impact

In 2016, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (May 17, 2016) will focus on the theme: “ICT entrepreneurship for social impact.”

According to the United Nations (UN), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) entrepreneurs and start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a particularly relevant role in ensuring economic growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

They are involved in the development of innovative ICT-enabled solutions with a unique potential to make a long-lasting impact in global, regional and national economies and as an important source of new jobs, especially for youth, in the current knowledge economy.

“Leaders should invest in young innovators, who are part of the largest generation of youth in history. As entrepreneurs, they can pioneer transformative technology, create jobs and benefit whole economies,” said UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

The theme for 2016 is in line with the work of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in unlocking the potential of ICTs for young innovators and entrepreneurs, innovative SMEs, start-ups and technology hubs as drivers practical solutions for catalysing progress in achieving international sustainable development goals, with a focus on SMEs from developing countries.

Photo courtesy: United Nations

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