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IBM Software for Companies to Create Digital Experiences

Leading tech company IBM (NYSE: IBM) introduced Wednesday its new Digital Experience software that allows organizations to create customized digital experiences.

It will provide an interface for user companies to engage with their customers, employees and business partners.

Aligned with IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, the new software allows line of business employees from marketing, sales, HR and customer loyalty, to produce, share and distribute digital content, to all mobile and social channels — without the need for IT technical skills or outside assistance, claims IBM.

The growth of mobile, online, social media and commerce trends have spawned the rise of the digital consumer which requires businesses to deepen their interactions with individuals and accelerate data driven decisions into functions such as marketing, sales, service and human resources, according to IBM.

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“The digital era is being driven by the proliferation of mobile and social networks which have transformed the way organizations engage their key audiences,” said Larry Bowden, VP of Digital Experience Software, IBM.

“To succeed, companies must look beyond websites to create digital experiences that marry analytics, deeper social engagement, compelling content and design for mobile delivery in order to engage audiences on their terms and on their time.”

IBM Digital Experience

IBM Digital Experience

Building on these demands, the company says, IBM’s Digital Experience software allows CMOs to provide customers with relevant information and offers that are based on their preferences and can be published quickly to all digital channels and mobile devices.

For example, while at a conference, marketing and event teams can develop professional grade assets that incorporate client interviews, show floor footage, audio and text overlays and in a few clicks publish it to the broadest range of social, mobile and online channels.

HR executives can use these same technologies to connect new hires with seasoned employees who can answer questions and share pertinent insights that will improve and accelerate the orientation process, suggests IBM.

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