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How to Publish Your Story on the iPad

Here’s a new way for businesses and individual content producers including writers, designers, photographers, videographers, etc. to publish and share their work through iPad, free of charge.

To meet the growing demand for an effective iPad content publishing solution, tech company Tactilize has introduced a personal iPad publishing application.

Without requiring any prior technical knowledge, Tactilize’s easy-to-use web editor allows anyone to design and publish their content for the iPad.

“Our goal is to break down technical barriers and give the publishing house keys to anyone with a creative interest,” says co-founder and CEO of Tactilize Nicolas Voisin.

The company says that US users can now freely design content for their iPad. The interactive web editor enables them to quickly create “Pages” with their own text, photographs and videos, and to instantly upload their creations on their iPad.

All content materials can be easily uploaded directly to Tactiilize via popular cloud storage and photo service websites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Facebook and Flickr.

Once published on the iPad, Pages are viewable to all Tactilize users and can be shared via email, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Tactilize users can also actively “follow” one another, and share and comment on each other’s Pages.

The Tactilize application, which allows users to view and interact with Tactilize pages, is now free to download at the US iTunes Appstore at The company made this announcement Thursday, Oct. 11.

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